Assumptions for Sports After the Coronavirus?

What Will Sports Look Like After The Coronavirus Pandemic is finally over?

While all professional sports have been on hold for the last three weeks, many want to know when will this pandemic be over. Many of the fans haven’t experienced such a conflict like this in their lives so it’s hard for them to grasp what will sports be like once this is finished. Will the NBA pick up where it left off? Or will the season, unfortunately, have to come to an end due to this? Will MLB spring training be affected by the current situation or must go on without fans for a period of time? How will the NFL continue with the draft and the upcoming OTA’s/training camp?

These are questions that many want the answer to, but current major league commissioners don’t have the answer to. Sports have been a part of many of our lives where it almost feels as though it’s a religion that we must abide to. It seemed as if every day there was a game or match you could watch on the T.V whether it be NBA, MLS, MLB, NHL, NFL and many more. Now that the country is under a national lockdown sort or speak, it’s hard to know what sports may look like in the upcoming months.

According to sources cited by ESPN sports reporter Adrien Wojnarowski and Adam Schefter, President Donald Trump said that he “hopes to have fans back in stadiums and arenas by August and September.” President Trump also stated he “recognizes 'the good work being done by many teams and players' to care for their communities and fan bases dealing with the outbreak.” This could be relief for many of the upcoming sports including NFL, MLB, NCAA football, and the U.S Tennis Open.

Adrian Wojnarowski also stated that he has personally spoke with the President and a few sport professionals on what they believe would happen next. Althou, unfortunately,gh this is only a start from where we would love to see sports, the announcements are compelling to the teams, organizations, and fans!

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