MLB Ticket Prices and COVID-19: What needs to change

With the Coronavirus continuing to worsen every day, Major League Baseball continues to push the season back. However, fans are still purchasing tickets.

If you take a look at some team pages on, like the New York Yankees page for example, you will see tickets still available for each game every day, including games that were supposed to happen as originally scheduled.

The season is not going to start any time soon, so you probably don’t want to buy tickets for the Yankees game against the Cleveland Indians on Saturday, April 25 unless if you want to spend $385 for a suite behind home plate.

Even though MLB will give refunds for canceled games, one thing that comes to mind is what MLB should do in terms of ticket prices for Opening Day. Besides the postseason, Opening Day offers the most expensive ticket prices in the regular season.

With the season getting pushed back because of COVID-19, many baseball fans are anxiously waiting for the most important day of the regular season. On a typical Opening Day, the lowest price for one ticket ranges between $50 to $100 depending on which team's game you are attending.

In 2018, the cheapest Opening Day price for any game was $47 via the Chicago White Sox. The Chicago Cubs charged the most with the cheapest ticket being $119.

With this being the most anticipated Opening Day in a very long time, all 30 teams will want to have zero empty seats in their home openers. What each team should do is make ticket prices as cheap as possible.

There could be special discounts for people in the military or especially people working in the health care business, but the cheapest ticket should be around $20 and the most expensive ticket should be no more than $150.

MLB can decide to make this the most expensive opening day in history because it is not making any money during the global pandemic, but it’s not losing any money either since no games are happening.

The Los Angeles Dodgers can make their tickets more expensive than a postseason game and the other playoff teams from a year ago can do the same thing because people pay good money to see good teams. However, for some teams like the Baltimore Orioles or Miami Marlins, who are not as good, people will not pay to see.

For those teams like the Orioles and Marlins, they should make the ticket prices the cheapest in the league so they can fill more seats. It will be interesting to see what kind of offers each team will make whenever Opening Day is, but when it comes, baseball will be better than ever.

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