Show Them the Money: Why NCAA College Athletes Should Be Paid

The state of California made it official to allow college players to make money from endorsements and hire agents in the process starting in 2023. This law and action should have been done years ago, and the NCAA should be ashamed of withholding the billions of dollars owed to the players, with football and basketball being the biggest moneymakers.

Giving the players a cut of the money now gives the athletes something to play for other than the hope of making it to the professional level nor do they have to worry about where their next meal comes from.

Not every player in college sports is worth being paid, and there are even fewer who will play professionally. The law is also helping the average player in college earn some money to put towards their career following graduation.

Some disagree with this rule going into effect with the main ones being NCAA. As of now, California is the only state to adopt the law with the PAC12 conference school, most notably USC and UCLA, being the main focus. Due to prestigious schools endorsing the deal, athletes are expected to flock to California even more so than now.

(via The New York Times

Other states and conferences are also in discussion to accept the rule changes and ratify it into the schools and NCAA laws.

USC is one of the most desirable private colleges one can want to get into and also a football powerhouse. Although the glory days of Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart in 2005 are long over, USC finds itself climbing up the standings every week. But USC and UCLA can now offer players and their families stability when it comes to finances. Not only does this work in favor of the athlete but also the school, giving PAC12 teams an edge when it comes to recruitment.

Despite the possible improvement for athletes and colleges, The PAC 12 and its commissioners disapprove of the move for the reason that they now must share the profits.

The same goes for the NCAA. They are the biggest crooks one can think of as they profit off tv deals, ticket sales, and merchandise while not giving a single dime to players in return.

Adopting the law is a big landmark for more states to do the same and put the NCAA in a corner, forcing them to recognize student-athletes as more than students. They are also athletes and deserve fair compensation when it comes to their job, yes I said their job.

California is the first to make the change, now we're waiting on the rest of the country, and NCAA conferences to do the right thing.

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