Top 3 Disappointing Halfway Through the 2019 NFL Season

People always love an underdog, but what is it called when a favorite plays far below expectations. Is it called Overhype, Dysfunction, a Flawed or Broken team, or is it simply just called disappointment.

So far this NFL season, there have been a few teams surpassing expectations, but at the same rate, there have been teams underachieving and disappointing. These teams are far from what was expected before the season started.

Overhyped - Cleveland Browns

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The Browns were the most talked about team in the offseason and are one of the most disappointing. Cleveland added critical players like Odell Beckham Jr, Oliver Vernon, and Kareem Hunt, but enter week eight with a 2-4 record. Baker Mayfield has thrown 11 interceptions so far this season, three away from matching his rookie record.

Mayfield is not playing to the level which was expected for his second season. To add to Baker's struggles, Freddie Kitchens and company just have looked lost so far this season with the league's 21st ranked offense.

The Browns are currently on a bye and have a game against the Patriots coming up this week. Many people had this team going to the Super Bowl before the season, but as of right now, they will be lucky to make the playoffs. So far, this team has been nothing but an utter disappointment.

Flaws & Dysfunctional - Los Angeles Chargers

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What is going on in Los Angeles? The Chargers have one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, but somehow find a way to lose games they should be winning.

Anthony Lynn's seat is getting hotter by the minute. The Chargers have dynamic playmakers on both sides of the ball, with players such as Derwin James (been sidelined the entire season with a foot injury) and Mike Williams. Yet the Chargers only wins have been unimpressive this season, to say the least.

The Chargers won games against teams like the Dolphins, who are likely headed to an 0-16 season, and the Colts, who they beat week one after their franchise quarterback unexpectedly retired. The Chargers, on top of all their underachievement this year, have also been dealing with Melvin Gordon's hold out, which added to the team's problems before he made his return.

The Chargers are a team that, every year, has the tools to be successful but cannot find a way to put it together. Guess their loss in Foxborough last year did cause some damage to this team's psyche.

Broken & Disappointing - Atlanta Falcons


The city of Atlanta has experienced some hardships over these last couple of weeks. From the monumental collapse of there baseball team (The Atlanta Braves losing a decisive game five by a score of 13-1) to their football team having an awful 1-6 start. The Falcons seem to be a team without an identity.

The Falcons have a generational talent with Julio Jones, yet fail to do anything productive with his skill. This season, Atlanta has been one of the worst RedZone teams in the league. Besides their impressive win against the Eagles, the team has shown no spark. They have looked outmatched in every aspect of most games.

More recently noted in there lost to Rams, Atlanta showed how the team isn't what it used to be. Matt Ryan got hurt against the Rams if he isn't able to come back for a couple of weeks, the losses will continue to mount up.

The offense has looked so unimpressive this season that it makes you think if their Super Bowl run was a fluke. The Falcons got blown out at home against the Rams, which might be one of Dan Quinn's last games coaching at Mercedes Benz stadium.

Falcons' owner Arthur Blank stated to NFL Network's Ian Rapport, "If there were easy answers, we would've put them in place already. But we're making adjustments".

The Falcons are three years removed for playing in a Super Bowl, but currently, they haven't looked further from making one again. The Falcons have such a talented roster terrible making this season's misfortune, the most disappointing of all.

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